Grooveshark ligger nere

För ett tag sen skrev vi på iPhoneguiden om att Grooveshark appen finns tillgänglig till iPhone/iPod touch. Nu ligger Grooveshark nere.

För er som använder er av Grooveshark appen till iPhone så ligger felet på Groovesharks servrar.

Idag klockan 10:00  försökte jag nå deras tjänst och möttes utav ett meddelande som lyder;

To those of you who were redirected here, we apologize.

In an attempt to befriend Asian investors and increase office morale, we here at Grooveshark established some connections with the Chinese black market and imported our very own black-and-white Giant Panda (hereby known as ”Pickles”). Unfortunately, due to circumstances no one could have foreseen, Pickles became agitated at the fluorescent lights and near-constant belly rubs and began clawing at our computers.

Pickles is currently thrashing about in the server room, causing the technical difficulties and temporary outage you just experienced. As soon as our interns return from Pier 1 with synthetic bamboo, a picnic basket and an oversized net, we will be able to return the servers back to normal and, if we can, rescue the coder that Pickles has taken as a prize.

Thank you for your patience.”’

För er som inte vet vad Grooveshark är så kan ni läsa mer om tjänsten här.