BiteSMS uppdaterat till 4.4!

Ja som många av er redan känner till är kanske en av iPhone:s mest prisvärda applikationer uppdaterad, nämligen BiteSMS. Appen ligger nu på version 4.4 och nya funktioner i 4.4 är,

Detta är taget direkt från BiteSMS;

What’s New In This Version:
* Added Quick Reply in lock screen mode!!!
* Added landscape support for Quick Reply and Quick Compose.
* Quick Reply now grows to be as large as the screen (as required) to display as much of the incoming message text as possible. The intent is to minimize the scrolling required to read large messages. Works the same in lock-screen mode as well.
* Added support to allow MMS messages to be sent via the biteSMS network (so pink send button) for Germany (other countries coming soon). Please note only with T-Mobile is the senderID kept intact, for other networks it’s a static value (so you’d need to put your name or number in the MMS message itself).
* Added support to allow a user to quickly purchase credits (or a license) inside the biteSMS application (biteSMS->Settings->Buy).
* Added a new setting in Quick Compose and Quick Reply, called “Lock Screen Dim”, which controls if the screen automatically dims after sending a message (or exiting for Quick Reply). Only applies if there are no other pending SMS messages to action.
* If an SMS was received with a short senderID, e.g. “mts” then biteSMS would not open to that conversation, instead incorrectly opening to the compose new message screen.
* Fixed issue that Accents / Diacritics feature was not working in the biteSMS application (but worked fine in Quick Compose and Quick Reply).
* When using the iPod application
and toggling the mute control to bring up the Quick Compose HUD, we now set the volume correctly.
* Added the “Flash” animation when switching between Carrier and biteSMS networks (by long pressing send button) in landscape mode.
* Ensure uppercase and lowercase Ç is treated as a unicode character (simply because some carriers confuse the two).
* Fixed Quick Compose issue, when the Cut&Paste menu was displayed and a user tapped in the text field, the menu would not go away.
* When tapping in the bubble area, the keyboard
now slides away instead of just disappearing.
* Changed incorrect smiley – see
* Fixed issue in Quick Compose with the international default, whereby the pink button did not always get set correctly.
* Fixed issue if using Quick Compose or Quick Reply, and pressed power button during sending, the QC / QR window would appear again after unlock (even though message was sent).
* Fixed the smiley that was appearing in URLs starting with http://….
* Fixed Cut&Paste menu not appearing for Firmware 3.1 users.
* Fixed issue with “To:” label scrolling off the Quick Compose screen.
* Added support for the app iSmart Dialer such that biteSMS is now called instead of the native Messaging application.
* For FW 3.1.2 users, there is a firmware bug in that the data connection is established but not used in the first instance, this effects all applications, not just biteSMS. e.g. Turn off WiFi, put your phone to sleep for a few minutes, slide to unlock, and access the weather app, you’ll see it cannot update, until you come out of the app and back in. For biteSMS this causes messages sent via the biteSMS network to timeout. We have added a workaround so this does not occur in biteSMS, Quick Compose and Quick Reply.





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